Application Consultancy Specialists

Application Consultancy Specialists

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Why us?

You'll have a named team of consultants working with you, so you'll always know who to contact with a query and receive a fast response. This is backed up by your customer success representative, who is here to make sure you are getting maximum benefit from your investment with us.

Why should I choose Phase 3 for Application Consulting over the Vendor?

Phase 3 are completely independent of vendors – this means we tell you what systems can do and what they cannot do. We recognise that there is always a place for the software owner and we would never put a customer at risk of indemnifying any warranty by changing the products we support. Our teams configure not customise. (This means we can only do what you could do as a user of your software if you had the time and the expertise).

We can also complete ‘health checks’ within the systems we support, allowing us to advise you if you are not unlocking the benefits from your chosen software, or if additional modules may be relevant to you to gain further advantages.

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