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Looking for a new HR or Payroll system and not sure where to start?

Let our expert team guide you through the selection process to ensure the perfect fit with your business.  With experience of hundreds of projects and connections with the suppliers we are uniquely positioned to help with your HRIS selection and implementation journey.

Navigating the HR and people technology market is a challenge.  At Phase 3, we focus our expertise on suggesting the technology fit that is as unique as your organisation. Because we are independent, we stand back from the UK market in HRIS and payroll – we are unrestricted in the advice that we can give.

Our approach

  • We are independent of vendors, we can listen to your requirements and offer unbiased advice. We think that giving expert opinions is a good thing, but we’ll distinguish opinion from fact and decipher the facts too. If we make a recommendation, then it is because it is one we believe in.
  • Understanding requirements, and explaining those to potential vendors, Phase 3 consultants focus on differentiators – we don’t apply a tick-list. Identifying those most difficult details within your scope is something we can use our expertise and pragmatism to explore with vendors and explain to you.
  • Consistent and continuing support is something that our clients appreciate. The same expert team can help you into project planning and implementation, as far as you wish it to extend, working with your chosen vendor(s).
  • We explain things to make the impact clear. Phase 3 consultants translate between system sales personnel and your team and convey what you need. Expect transparency in our own service delivery too – how we charge and what we are doing.

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