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Partner Services

Phase 3 partner with a select number of HR Tech/Payroll vendors and associated companies.

Partner consultancy works best in open relationships

Delivered with confidence in our Phase 3 independence.

We recommend because we believe

We consider both our customer organisations and product solution-provider companies to be our partners. In both cases, we extend your project teams.

How our partnering services work

Partnering is

Our partner services allow you to secure a relationship with your named consultant Phase 3 team either directly through your contact with us or when you are referred to us from a partner company.

Partnering strikes to the heart of Phase 3 values. Those values matter to you only when we apply them in practical ways, like the examples below of partnering principles applied.

Partnering is not

A re-selling arrangement. We think it is important for you to know that a Phase 3 independence includes that ‘we recommend because we believe’. We are fierce in our protection of our good advice and our real opinion. This includes in system selection and system review.

The people technology industry right now is an opportunity for all – customer organisations, consultants and solution-providers alike – because there is so much more than can be done. So, we are delighted to work with partners. We choose that portfolio.

Benefits of partnering include:

Objective perspectives. Wider experience drawn from a whole-of-market basis

Extra flexibility in project delivery through contingent networks. More options.

Solutions where yours cannot quite deliver. (There is no perfect system!)

Added value with different skills and services Phase 3 can offer at the same time….

Credible recommendations.

Examples Include:

Complement an HCM system with payroll selection and/or managed service from the Phase 3 payroll services team

Move out of implementation project with guarantee of continuity of consultants with ‘bite-sized’ plans

Achieve your people analytics aspiration as well as what you need to in your system development

Plan your training and development with a broader agenda working with experts who can stand back from the one application

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