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The 10 changes to employment law that you need to know in 2022

The way we do business has permanently changed and as we adapt to new ways of working, our employment laws and standards need to change too. 

2022 will see the implementation of a new employment law bill, which should help empower employees and business owners in the year ahead and beyond. 

The bill has been delayed several times due to the pandemic but as we emerge from the other side of that life-changing period, we can begin to pass legislative measures that will get industry ready for the future. 

In this guide we’re going to take a look at what is coming in the 2022 employment law bill. We’ll look at what it could mean for your HR and Payroll team and we’ll discuss how you can get the most out of the legislative changes it brings.   

Download the guide to learn :

  • How pay will be affected in 2022 including changed to NI and the National Living Wage
  • The impact of new rules designed to help employees retain all their tips and gratuities on a fair and transparent basis
  • How flexible working requests could be handled in future
  • Deadlines for gender pay gap reporting

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