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Training & Development

Explore options for training, events and some of our more imaginative ways in which we can help you and your teams up-skill.

Share our knowledge in different ways

Phase 3 Insights are all about partnering in a mission to do the best with your people technologies and that means an open-ness in expertise, with personal delivery styles for learning.

Phase 3 Training

Our applications and business intelligence training days can be tailored to your own agenda or we can provide a suggested scope. We will come to your place or you can come to ours. Phase 3 don’t distinguish the role of ‘trainer’. Your training and development days will be delivered by the same high calibre of consultant professional as you are used to from your named Phase 3 consultant team. We do not limit delegate numbers and we price training days per consultant not per delegate.

Our Events

Knowledge-share is what Phase 3 Insights is all about. Our events calendar includes seminars, breakfast forums, user groups and training dates where we get our customers together to share in not only our specialist knowledge but the knowledge you will share through networking opportunity. Many events are free. All events are, for our in-house training, delivered by the same calibre of consultancy expert or by one of our Phase 3 leadership team

User Groups and Focus Groups

Our independent user groups, focused in your region on your specific HR application, are a great way to share real-life experiences of HR systems work with others facing similar challenges. Facilitated by one of our Consultancy Services Managers and technical consultants, user groups include planned knowledge-share and work best when you take an active part in an informal agenda discussion. We think the key to a constructive user group is open, supportive debate and a problem-solving approach.

Development and Mentor Plans

Specialist key user upskilling in HR, payroll or people analytics can take time. We will build into a bite-sized consultancy plan development or mentoring programmes for one or several of your team members. Because the learning programme is created especially for you and delivered by the same team of professionals you know from Phase 3 over a committed period, you can be sure your learning will be relevant. We understand your business process, job roles and how your systems are configured.

On-boarding and Business Continuity

A significant concern for many is the turnover of team members in key systems super-user roles within the HR, IT or Finance departments. Phase 3 can on-board new team members and bring them promptly up-to-speed with the requirements of their new role. We do this within a business continuity commitment, based on our familiarity with your applications, how they are configured and your business processes. We can also on-board a new team member as a one-off requirement.

The HR Technology Competencies

The best professional in people technology balances attributes with not only the technology itself, but with your organisation and its people and with method. The HR technology competency framework offers the skillset you need. Use the framework to: Self-assess and measure your own learning. Plan your development, Analyse the balance of your team. Source tailored learning, Carry out team-building and feedback activities, Design job roles and resourcing plans. Structure selection into those roles. Any of the Phase 3 Insights training and development work use the framework to help you achieve the right balance of people technology capability.

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