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10 steps to build a compelling business case for an HR system

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Event Speakers
James Proctor
James Proctor Director of Consulting & Services
Lauren Suthers
Lauren Suthers Executive Assistant
Executive Assistant
Executive Assistant Customer Success Manager – Consulting
10/02/2022 @ 3:00pm-4:00pmGMT Free Virtual Event

Our User Groups are based on our conviction that informed clients have the best opportunity to engage with expert teams and achieve project success by getting people together and seeing the sharing of best practice at work.

Our aims are to facilitate networking, knowledge and best practice exchange in relation to CoreHR.The agenda is set by both you as the audience members and us as your hosts.

This session, hosted by Mike Westwood (Lead Consultant), Nisha Mistry (Consultant) and Sara Elahi (Consultant) will cover current CoreHR hot topics, forthcoming upgrades and a Q&A session to give you the chance to engage with our experts.

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