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HR System Review

A system review or health-check puts you back in the driving seat with your HR system and accelerates your understandings and potential to make more of that investment.

What is a System Review or Health-check?

Our HRIS consultant starts by establishing the status quo along and what is and isn’t working so well. We hear it with a fresh perspective and from your point of view. Phase 3 apply our specialist system knowledge to explore the foundations of how your system has been built and we’ll look at how it could be used better.

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Payroll Health Check

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Training Needs Identification

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Data Quality Check

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System Configuration Check

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System Usability Review

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Legislative Compliance Review

Review payroll compliance to ensure risks are managed – including Legislation, Pensions Auto Enrolment, RTI and Payroll Best Practice

Review HR  compliance to ensure risks are managed – including Legislation

Review of business processes using Lean Six Sigma methodology – supporting the off-system as well as the on-system

Crisis management following business continuity issues – getting you back on track

Detailed outcome report confirming recommendations, prioritised and with expected effort to achieve ‘To Be’ state

Why Choose Phase 3?

  • Fresh and independent but specialist view-point – incisive and informed advice
  • A flexible approach, without prescription but with guidance
  • Scope decided in collaboration
  • A modest investment achieving rapid up-skilling
  • Answers to the questions ‘What don’t I know?’ and ‘What else could my system do?’, ‘What are the limits to this system and the alternative solutions to those limits?’

In practical terms, receive from us a clear report with prioritised recommendations and mini-roadmaps as to what is required to take your system to the next level.

Do Better
  • Accelerate your understanding of your chosen system and add impetus to realising its benefits with a Phase 3 independent system review, delivered to your organisation’s preferred scope.
  • Contact us if you’d like help with System/HR/Payroll consultancy and services, including training for both employees and managers.
  • Because of our network of vendors we will work closely to involve the supplier for your holistic support.
Do More
  • Independent review of usage of systems alongside available functionality
  • Improved user experience with prioritised recommendations
  • Increased automation
  • Review Training Requirements and recommendations made on upskilling internal teams
Do Differently
  • Remote or On Site Consulting
  • Supported by Payroll & HR Specialists
  • Impartial and independent views – unfettered
  • Highlight risk areas and mitigation strategies

The scope of the review can be guided by you and we will also provide our own view about systems efficiency. We will address any concern you may have, for example about compliance, your business rules and processes.

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