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Looking for consultancy on SnowdropKCS?
Whether you have a new HRIS system and require support on reporting and extracting HR data from Snowdrop or are searching for a replacement HR and Payroll system, we can help.

SnowdropKCS consultancy

We are an independent HRIS consultancy that works with businesses to improve their payroll, HR processes and technology. With over 10 years’ experience of supporting companies with the Sage SnowdropKCS system, our experts have full knowledge of all HR modules including end user report, workflows, recruitment, performance management and training and development.

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HR System Selection

Sage’s SnowdropKCS software will be end of life from April 2022 and the system will no longer be available. Many businesses will be forced to look for an alternative solution.

Phase 3 offers a wide range of SnowdropKCS consultancy services to help you manage the transition process smoothly and effectively. From HR system reviews, data extraction and report writing, data migration assistance to HR system selection. Our services can be delivered remotely or onsite for businesses.

Snowdrop HR System review

  • A full review of the Snowdrop HR system – identifying all areas of the system that has data.

Snowdrop data extraction and reporting writing 

  • Reports written for all HR data in the Snowdrop system and stored for future extraction or extraction at the time of the reports being produced.
  • Detailed documents outlining where the data is in the system.

Data migration assistance

  • Data cleansing and transfer to new HR system provider’s data migration spreadsheet, ready for uploading into the new HR system.

HR System Selection service

No matter if your new to HR systems or have some previous experience, our expert team will guide you through the selection process to find the right HR or Payroll system for your business. By teaming up with us here at Phase 3 and making use of our experience in SnowdropKCS consultancy, you and your business can look forward to a headache-free process.

Our SnowdropKCS Services

Snowdrop HR System review

Data extraction and reporting services

Data migration assistance

Do more

Partnering with Phase 3 will allow you to keep the same expert team working with you on a guaranteed basis for other services such as implementation, project delivery as well as on-going ‘bite-sized’ consultancy.

Do better

Accelerate your knowledge and understanding about the system and add impetus to realising benefits with a Phase 3 independent system review, delivered to your organisation’s preferred scope.

Do differently

We are convinced that you should enjoy more from partnering in HRIS consultancy. We believe in knowledge-sharing and committed networks, so check out our events calendar for free HR consulting events across the UK and become a part of our community.

We don’t believe in fixed packages and offer flexible, tailored, and cost-effective services to suit you. Our team will work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

If you would like to find out more about our SnowdropKCS services, please contact us.

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