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How to manage your company’s grey fleet

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How to manage your company’s grey fleet

Effective management of your grey fleet is crucial in respect
of an organisation’s financial, environmental and duty of
care obligations. Findings from a number of studies and fleet
consultancy projects have shown that many organisations are
unaware of the costs, environmental impact, and duty of care
risks associated with employees using their own vehicles in the
course of their work.

There are an estimated 14 million grey fleet vehicles on UK roads
made up of more than 11.8 million associated with the private
sector and 2.2 million from the public sector1. The benefits of
having a grey fleet are numerous and tend to represent lower
total costs than having to lease or buy vehicles for employees
travelling for work purposes.

Whilst mileage disbursements tend to cover the cost of petrol,
which includes a premium to cover vehicle wear and tear, it can
still prove more cost-effective for companies that don’t have high
business mileage.

However, it can be confusing to work out exactly who is in charge
of managing your grey fleet. In larger organisations, you may
have the luxury of having a dedicated fleet manager, but for most
UK businesses, this isn’t the case.

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