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HR Systems Benchmarking Tool

Exclusive to Phase 3

Are you unsure about your people technology success? Our online tool helps you to identify if investing in your current technology is a wise investment, or if it is time to replace the technology!

Health Checks

Much like a car has an MOT our HR and Payroll systems often need a Health Check. We ask key questions such as how much should we invest in the current technology? Is the current technology fit for purpose? How could we make our investment to date work for us?

We understand a new system isnt always the answer – and have an independent view we share with you to understand where investment may  be warranted.

System Selection

There are a number of reasons why a HR System Selection project may be the direction you need to take. Our tool helps you to understand where your organisation is in the HR Systems Development Journey, and helps you to identify if a system selection project is on the horizon. Phase 3 provide expertise Pre procurement, through implementation and post implementation if you need to purchase a new system.

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Total Scores

The results of this simple test help point you in the direction you need to head. Phase 3 are on hand to assist with this decision, and can support you through benchmarking your current software or can help you with the process of procuring a new system.

  • The Current Situation
  • Technology
  • Culture
  • Results
The current system is performing well
There are less than 2 years on the current contract for our current HR & Payroll system
There have been significant changes within the business which require a new system e.g. Increase in business size, additional services, acquisitions
Lots of HR and Payroll work is having to be entered manually from paper and/or spreadsheets
The System is tailored for our business and regularly delivers results as expected
The current system can provide workflows and automation
The current system is easily accessible, and employees, managers and support services all access the system regularly
The current system delivers accurate results almost all of the time
The current system is fit for purpose
We have the budget available to purchase a new system
The organisation is ready for new technology or we are willing to give it a go!
Our current IT Infrastructure cannot continue to support the software we currently use
There are current issues with the technology in supporting HR and Payroll
There are no limitations to the current infrastructure or software in terms of access, usability and usefulness
The organisation has a desire to move hosting of our software to an outsourced provider
The organisation has a desire to move to a Cloud hosting solution
The organisation has a need to improve the software offering to employees and managers who cannot currently 'self-serve'
Senior leaders can access people data easily and regularly to track trends and are comfortable using the current technology
The current technology is compatible with the mobile devices we use
The current technology has a shelf life beyond the end of the software contract
Employees are asking for more automated processes and self service
Managers are asking for more automated processes and self service
Business leaders are asking for more automated processes and self service
The business is ready to adapt to new technology and employees are generally well equipped to handle new technology
Self service is available in other systems/functions
HR and Payroll teams can utilise the current technology to its full potential
Technology competency in support services is generally high
Employees have access to computers or smart devices and use them regularly as part of everyday workload
Our IT policies and GDPR policies would allow us to have information about our employees shared with those employees
Managers have access to information they need to manage employees without hindrance
Next Step
Please answer the statements highlighted in red before proceeding to the next section.
Total Score

What do your results mean?

  • A new system probably isn’t necessary…

    Whilst your current system may have some issues it likely meets the needs of the business on the whole.

    Consider what the future requirements may be and consider running a workshop with the main stakeholders of the product to determine what would need to happen to make the system work for everyone.

    You may also wish to consider a system ‘Health Check’ – a little bit like an annual MOT our health check provides insight into what is working well and what could be improved in your current product – helping to save you costly projects to replace a system which may have what you need already.

  • Whilst there is a need for development of your systems you don’t necessarily need to consider purchasing something new.

    When looking at your current product what needs is it not meeting that you consider to be critical? Is there more functionality within the product that you have not developed – are you aware of what your product can do?

    Read our article on ‘Benchmarking HR Technology’ and speak to us about a system review to determine if you are getting the most out of your current system. We can help you determine if the product can meet your needs in the future.

  • It’s time to start looking for something new.

    Visit our connect system selection tool and enter the main features you need from a product to see a shortlist of the products that might provide you with greater value.

    Download our 12 steps e-book to learn about the whole process of selecting a new system.

    Phase 3 can support you with the early steps of system selection and requirements gathering, get in touch now if you would like to discuss system selection further.

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